Our Offices and Staff Live and Work in Alabama

We do not use any offshore companies and host everything on private U.S Based Servers

Some software companies are just sales people who run around town making you feel like they are local. Sites And Software actually is. Yes, it is a smaller profit margin but every client we serve talks to someone they can relate to and understand. We feel it speeds the development time and saves money in the long run.

All Websites and Apps are hosted on private servers located in the United States. Email servers have a choice of locations around the world due to privacy concerns. We believe privacy and security come before anything else. Our Designers can work with you to make any design choices you have a reality. It really is as simple as you dream it, We build it.


Do you get Charged for Every Change

We have Monthly Billing plans so you can make changes you want, when you want.

Some Companies Charge you for the design and one year of hosting and then that is it. If you need changes or actual SEO they are going to charge. This is one of our biggest differences, we are always there for you. When you call we just make the change unless you just like paying hourly....we can do that, our accountant would love us if we did that.


Why Sites and Software?

Desktop Software

Who still makes desktop software for secure in office use? We Do!


Who Makes websites that are lighter faster and can SEO better? We Do!

SEO & Degital Marketing

Who makes people notice you and turns those people into customers? We Do!

Reputation Management

Who makes bad reviews not hurt your brand while making you look good? We Do!

Website and App Hosting

Who Hosts your apps and Websites on private servers so you don't have the problems of shared hosting? We Do!

Cyber Security

Who was founded by a cyber security expert who is insanely protective of every client? We are!

Who Has a fully Staffed I.T. Company they can call on at Anytime?

Who supports local charities for homeless animals in need?


More than a Website Company

The difference is in the code

Can your website give you customers billing information? Can it give them live information? Do they put their Brand on your website? The programs, websites, and apps work better because they are made specifically for you and built without all those slow bloated Plug-ins. We do not put our brand on your website unless you ask us to do so, we believe people should know the website is yours. We can still do WordPress websites if you want it, however most of our clients have either outgrown it or want something better for about the same price.


Contact Us

Contact SitesAndSoftware.com we want to hear what you think. Questions, Comments, Complaints, even dirty limericks. We read them all.