Software and Websites

REQUIRED: You Must Already Know HTML and CSS

Knowledge of C#, JavaScript, Objective C, Java, and Transact SQL helpful.

Tired of WordPress or some other CMS that anyone can use and have the basic skills to move up or tired of going to an office when your best work happen like the rest of the programmers on the planet at 3am? Do you speak Southern and live in Alabama? We may have a career for you.

No Clock Punching, no boss riding you without a legitimate problem, you get clients and as long as they are happy Management is happy. But all Clients have the owner of Sites and Software's phone number so your not completely on your own. Make your Own hours, take time when you need time, Make you're own paycheck and be in control of your financial future. Start with what you know and learn as you go along to get bigger clients and make more.



We have Monthly Billing plans so you make money every month instead of every sale

Some Companies want you always out getting new customers. We have found over the years it is much easier to keep the customers we have happy and have them help us find new customers. Our best sales people are actually our developers but even if you have never developed anything in your life you can get into software with us. Our Sales program is easy the sales person gets 10% of each sale they make for each month the customer is with us.

So does this mean a developer can make a sale, Do the project and get paid monthly for both......YES!


Contact Us

Contact and let us see if you would be the perfect fit in the Sites and Software Family. We will Send you an Application depending on where you think you would fit in. Make sure to add any programming languages you already know or sales experiance.